What to expect

Put on your finest attire, ladies and gents.

First, I'll tell you that I'm a HUGE fan of having fun. These are not just "sessions" to me, they're experiences. I want the wildly beautiful moments to unfold organically and make me go all paparazzi on you and make you feel hella weird + blissful. I am shooting for the raw moments of exposed love and the vulnerability between the two of you. I want the fun, the exploration, the deep sense of gratitude for one another. I want the real you.

As your photographer, it is important that you feel comfortable and safe with me at all times. And even though I'd be down to do some crazy stuff, I will always put your safety first.

I will not tell you to awkwardly pose, I may put some tunes on and tell you to do some fun things or get smoochy + romantic. Either way, I promise that we will have an ABSOLUTE blast.

When it comes to location, I'll go anywhere! Let's take a walk on the beach, the train tracks, the edge of a cliff or a sunset cruise in Greece. Honestly, I'm just here to document the experience.

I love working with people who share my love of adventure and giggles so if that's you, HELLO.

No matter what you want from this session, I promise to make it a great experience for all of us. AND we're going to dance a little (or a lot).

Let's Hanggg

Alright so you know a little about me. Now it's time I know more about YOU! Let's grab some drinks (ya girl does favor a good mojito), get coffee or video chat to see if we'll be the perfect fit.

Hint: if you love going on adventures and being REAL, then we WILL be.


Not quite convinced? Here, check out some of the goofy + fun memories we've made together!



“Skye is an amazing photographer and such a pleasure to work with. She has the skill to make any photo a work of art. I highly recommend her!”