Hi, guys!

I am traveling to Upstate, NY in late September of 2020. A BIG part of my goal this year is to include more "group" activities. So, I'm setting up a full day of photoshoots in the Adirondack Mountains! I am thinking of doing this on Monday, September 28th. I wanted to pick a day where it is less likely going to be busy! It's still a ways away, but planning is very important because it will come up FAST!

If you'd love to jump in on this amazing day, contact me at: rskyephoto@gmail.com as there are limited spots!

Tickets: 8 available ( 4 couples ) - $175 per couple

More information below!

if your love is wild, a boring session can only tame it.

so, let's go on an adventure.

if your love is wild, a boring session can only tame it.

so, let's go on an adventure.

the details

  • We will meet at the Pitchoff trailhead at 9am and begin our hike to Balanced Rocks. If you'd rather come a little later, you're more than welcome but please stay in contact with me so I know when to expect you up there with us.
  • Each couple can pack up to 2 outfits
  • I will dedicate time to and photograph each couple separately
  • Plan to pack a little lunch
  • Optional dinner with everyone at Big Slide Brewery & Public House in Lake Placid (not included in ticket price).
  • Bring warm clothes and dress in layers! It may be chilly out but sometimes, hiking will work up a sweat!

I want you to walk away feeling so much love + appreciation for your partner. A renewed sense of adventure and a fun, bonding experience in my favorite place: nature!

My goal is to capture the uniqueness of your relationship and help you tell your love story.

Knowing that you'll have these moments to look back on forever makes me absolutely giddy!


Cancellation policy?

With this event, you can cancel and get a refund of your ticket until 2 weeks of the event if:
- COVID19 is a genuine concern for you and your family. I want you to feel safe with me, always.
- OR within the 2 weeks of the event ONLY under unsafe weather, acts of God such as accidents, medical emergencies.
- Please understand my cancellation policy as this is my business and how I make money. I could have used your space for someone else. Feel free to ask further questions!

How will I get my photos?

In a password protected album here on my website! You are free to download whatever photos you like and share the album with friends and family!

how to be prepared for an adventure session?

- Like I stated before, your safety is my priority. If you don't feel safe standing by the side of that cliff, ya don't need to!
- Open communication is VERY important to me. Tell me, is there a specific shot that you wanna get?
- Be prepared to get a little dirty if we're hiking or running on a beach. I mean, this IS an adventure session! It's not your average Christmas card. Your clothes may remember this day but the photos will be AWESOME.