the art of living

My fingers touch the windowsill as I watch the rain

the air around me feels lighter now without the pain

I realize that my life was just like this storm

my sky became cloudy just for a little while, then it lost form

it dissipated and the sun came out to shine

the chaos had finally lifted from my mind

I pull my fuzzy blanket closer to my chest

I snuggle in and close my eyes, knowing that this was not a test

it was an opportunity to choose Love over fear

and I did! Since the decision, I have not shed a tear

every day I feel stronger

many say it should have taken longer

but I see Love much deeper than this

I see someone who brought me so much bliss

so why hold resentment?

It didn't make sense to me, putting myself in that predicament

I choose to laugh often, smile more and to thrive

I choose to be grateful for every day I am alive

I choose to forgive and to forget

because there's no point in walking forward if you're always looking back with regret

so I'm going to choose to master this since the time is ticking

while my life is happening, I'm going to master the art of living

• xoxo •

Photo by Isaac Mehegan on Unsplash