Should you elope or have a traditional wedding? This is one of the FIRST questions that pop into many people's heads after the sheer giddiness of that new ring. Some people have had the idea planned out from when they first fell in love. Others, haven't really given it too much thought and then it slaps them in the face! Which one would you rather have?

Why Elope?

Elopements have become increasingly popular especially within the last 5 years. I am personally a very strong advocate for elopements because of literally every single one of these factors:

The Pros:

  • Intimate: Elopements are normally just you, your partner, your photographer/videographer and maybe 3-5 of your closest friends and family.
  • Authenticity: The couple is able to really focus in on one another. They can genuinely feel comfortable sharing these beautiful moments.
  • Rules go out the window: Instead of planning a reception, meals, performances and speeches, you and your partner can do quite literally, whatever you want! Feeling like heading to your favorite local bar for a brewski in your wedding attire? GO FOR IT.
  • Primary Focus: With elopements, the primary focus is YOU. With a traditional wedding, the focus is put heavily on your guests.
  • Affordability: Many people love the option of saving money on their wedding day. When I get married, I plan on spending most of the money on a 2-week or month-long honeymoon. THAT'S where my money is going!

The Cons:

  • Regrets: Sometimes, one may regret the decision of not celebrating their special day with all of their friends + family.
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Why Traditional Wedding?

Traditional weddings are timeless and classic. There are a plethora of reasons why they are still chosen today.

The Pros:

  • It's an event: Partying, dancing all night with all of your friends and family. It's a dang good time.
  • Speeches: Your closest friends get the opportunity to tell you how much they love you and that's special.
  • Great performances: You can hire some of the best bands/djs to play at your wedding.
  • You're the center of attention: For some, this is great! While others aren't extremely hyped about the idea (my boyfriend, Tyler).
  • All of the photos: This is the opportunity to get pictures of/with all of the special people in your life.

The cons:

  • Cost: The average traditional wedding costs around a whopping $30,000. That's quite a hefty price tag.
  • Obligation: A common complaint is that couples feel they are obligated to invite friends/family they aren't even that close to anymore. Paying per plate can be costly too.
  • Stress: There is a lot of planning + legwork when it comes to a traditional wedding. From all of the vendors, cake tasting, food menu, music and seating charts, that can send anyone into "bridezilla mode!"
Gainesville Wedding Photographer, Wedding photographer in Gainesville Florida, Adventurous Wedding Photographer