say "yes"

This is a letter just for you

the ones that rarely experience anything new

the people who are much more reserved

when are you going to get out there and do things that you deserve?

the rhythm of Life will always continue to flow

even if all your time, you continuously say "no"

instead of letting beautiful experiences slip away,

say "yes" to every new, exciting thing that comes your way

and please, say "yes" to Love and never let it go

there are so many ways to succeed in life, but this is something I know

do not ever fear falling in love, because the fall is is always worth it all

do not shy away when you hear his beautiful voice call,

for you

say "yes" to personal growth and happiness

do not ever give into more than a moment of sadness

you must always step forward with your eyes wide open

taking in new amazing things, refusing to become broken

say "yes" to smiling often, and living from your heart

it's never to late to do this, so right now, let's start

I want you to choose to have new experiences and live your life

to laugh with your friends, fall in love and dance all night

what all matters to you? What ignites the flame in your heart?

if it's love, run towards it for you never want to part.

love with every ounce of your being

to me, nothing else is better than seeing,

his smile

so begin now, I promise this is not some test

it's a lifestyle change, so please,

say "yes."

• xoxo •