spending more time at home

This virus is changing a lot for our planet at the moment. So now that many of us are home in "self isolation" or "social distancing," we are stuck trying to figure out what to do with our time. I can say, that I am used to working from home as I've done it for about 5 years on and off with various remote jobs. I have always been quite a homebody and prefer making my own schedule. Hence, this here business of mine.

I've seen MANY posts about "what am I going to do with my time" and "I'm not used to being home this much" and I cannot forget the "here comes depression" posts. I get it, not many of us are accustomed to spending so much time in our homes (which, is actually pretty sad). We work TOO much but that is another post for another day.

Anyway, I figured I'd share with you my typical morning routine for the past almost 2 months. I must admit, the only part of this routine that has been on and off really is the workout. Everything else, I do religiously including the morning stretches. But man, there are some days where I'm just like NO I don't wanna work this bodyyyyy. I know you feel me.

* I will be including the actual videos that I use *

I will say, that I've been feeling 10000% more in control of my emotions which has come in handy BIG TIME lately because, well, yeah. I have been practicing mindfulness actively for 3 years and even am taking an online Mindfulness Practitioner course because I would love to help others with overcoming their minds one day. Again, my mindfulness journey is another post for another day. Okay, here we go...

my typical morning

My lovely, handsome and supportive boyfriend, Tyler, wakes up at 6am every morning to go to work. I normally sleep in a tad. But once I get up, I trained myself to be more than ready to take on the day!

  • I wake up anywhere between 7 - 7:30am. The first thing I do as I touch my feet to the floor is think, "I am grateful for my good health and today is going to be a great day."
  • I go into the kitchen and before I do anything else, I feed my kitty, Uma and pour myself a big glass of water, lemon, and a small amount of apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is not needed but it does have great health benefits. I want to hydrate myself before indulging in a much needed caffeinated beverage!
  • I then turn on my Nespresso Gran Lattissima to make my favorite drink: vanilla oat milk latte macchiato. And, of course I sprinkle some cinnamon on top for added health benefits!
  • I head into my office and get cozy in my papasan chair and listen to a couple of videos to get me in a high vibe mood:

Positive affirmations to bring about a sense of confidence and love about myself. And, it's from one of my FAVORITE boss ladies, Sunny Lenarduzzi. She has successfully made over 6 million dollars in her businesses. I tend to pay attention + follow people who are successful.

Motivational to get me feeling like the badass that I am.

  • After I'm feeling AMAZING from my motivational videos, I dive into my deep meditations. I normally use either one of the following:

My recent favorite. It helps me enter a very deep place in my center and visualize my dream life. I get excited about this. I highly suggest a good pair of headphones because with this meditation, the words alternate between ears so it allows for your brain to concentrate deeply.

Another great meditation I use. It's just calming music that centers and grounds me.

  • After I finish my meditations, I journal about what an average day in my dream life within the next 3 years. Where do I wake up? What's my home look like? Who am I with? What is my job? How much money do I make? This is really fun and I look forward to doing this every day!
  • Then, I lay down my yoga mat and do an in-home workout / yoga sequence.

I adore Rachel Aust. I've been following her for a while and I enjoy her home workout routines and diet tips. Her home is also full of plants and anyone like that is automatically awesome. This workout targets: ABS

This workout targets: LEGS + GLUTES

My FAVORITE yoga channel. Specifically, I find a lot of success and comfort in this class.

  • Following the relaxing + strengthening exercises, I jump into a steamy shower. Then, I moisturize my skin with coconut oil or argan oil.
  • My morning routine is now finished. Normally, I get on my computer and respond to emails, inquiries and reach out to clients + fellow creators for collaboration. I also enjoy writing, planning YouTube videos and figuring out future photo events.


I truly hope you found some value in this post. All of us are experiencing something a little different right now. And if I can help at least one person, I've fulfilled my goal here.

Be safe, be mindful, and breathe.