What you can do at home during the quarantine

As a VERY creative person myself, I have been exploring many different avenues of spending my time. And, now that my lovely boyfriend is now home with me until further notice, I've dragged him into several of the things. I wouldn't say that he hates it though!

I'm not going to drag this out forever, I know what ya came here for. So, without further a due, here is a pretty good list of some things you can do at home alone or with a partner during this quarantine!

  • Coloring books are always awesome. Especially with some wine and a chill Spotify playlist.
  • Cooking new food! Maybe you could give a shot at some cajun! I've been dipping my fingers into some delicious Mexican creations.
  • You could always drag your significant other outside for some CUTE couples photos or self portraits!
  • Date night! Dress up and treat yourself or both of you to a fancy, homemade dinner and DON'T forget the heels! Slip into something sexy and cheers to YOU.
  • Watch movies, all day. With adequate popcorn breaks.
  • Draw a picture and put as MUCH detail into it as you can. Even if it's the purse of the stick figure :p
  • Meditate and journal. I have been doing this morning routine for over a month now and it's helped me deal with everything SO much. I'll still get nervous or upset occasionally, but overall I feel like I'm in a better mood.
  • Create a vision board! It could be on Pinterest or you could cut out/print photos and hang them on your refrigerator. Make it inspiring so whenever you see it, you smile!
  • Sit in your backyard and enjoy the sunshine (alone) or with your partner. Be careful and keep your distance from others if you're in an apartment and there is someone else outside too.
  • Exercise! There are SO many free workout routines on Youtube. I have recently begun doing a home workout every day after my meditation and journaling!
  • Think of business ideas!
  • Self care
  • Figure out what YOU want in life. Take this time to write out your goals. They don't have to be realistic. Just do some self exploration and see if what you're currently doing in life is what you really want to do!
  • Read a book! Dive into a good fantasy or romance to help keep your mind busy.
  • Learn a new skill! You can go online and learn new skills for free or for cheap on Youtube, Udemy and Skillshare!
  • Play board games or cards! Game nights are always a blast.
  • Redecorate! Clean and reorganize your living space. It will feel SO MUCH better afterwards. I did it and I can tell you I feel AMAZING.
  • Play hide and seek! Yeah, I know it's a kids' game but hey it's super fun! You can make it exciting with your partner and add "adult" twists to it! Like, "if you find me within 5 minutes, I'll make dinner" or something, ya know, more adult ;D
  • Write a book! Let your imagination run wild and just go with it. You can always self publish with Amazon if it turns out to be pretty good!

This is my complete list for now! I've been hanging out and doing out of these with Tyler and it's been fun!

Stay safe out there friends! We're all in this together. <3