inner peace

What I have come to realize is that life is not at all what it seems

people can take you, shake you and listen to your screams

but in the end, you must delve deep within yourself

no distractions, no fear, just an exploration far from everything else

close your eyes, take a breath and seep into your seat

I want you to do this when you feel lost, and if need be, repeat

think of all of the things you are grateful for

feel a smile form on your lips, feel your heart soar

feel your way around the deepest parts of your soul

find the warmth inside yourself when you're surrounded by a world so cold

know that despite the external chaos, there is a calm sea of peace and light

in this place, you do not need to try so do not need to fight

when you begin stumbling because of the turbulence that life may bring you

find that place of inner peace for it is the only thing that is true

even when you return to reality, remain in harmony with this place

your outside world will begin to reflect the effervescent world within and you will get a good taste

of the power that you hold from the thoughts you think, the actions you take and the words you speak

you realize now that you are no longer a victim to outside influences, you are no longer weak

this world is what you create, so return to your inner paradise and carry it into what your physical eyes can see

manifest your wants, your dreams and let it be 

• xoxo •