i stumbled

Meandering through the confines of my mind alone, I found myself

it took me some time to bloom without any help

I looked only to the sun for guidance and strength

and on the cloudy days, I tried my hardest to stay on the same wavelength

after a while though, it became easy to smile

I felt the happiest I've felt in a very long while

until I stumbled into you

you see, I've grown so much this past year, I feel as though I'm brand new

seeing the world for the beauty it holds, looking for life

reaching for the stars, despite if others thought if it was or wasn't right

but when you found me, this delicate little flower

you saw through any thorns, and sat with me for hours

your unique eyes saw me for what I was

you stayed with me, stayed up late and talked just because

there was something so intriguing about the two of us

we were different, but where it was so easy to adjust

it had been quite a long time since I'd opened up to someone like this

it was a feeling I again longed for, a feeling I'd missed

blossoming in someone's hands, allowing them to truly see

every little speck of color and design that made me

spending time to actually admire the beauty and essence

so many people lose each other because one loses their presence

but we both cherish every moment we get to see one another

we encourage our flames, we let them burn wild instead of trying to smother

the untamed nature is alluring to me

it's unwavering trust and loyalty

I am happy for however long our paths are meant to cross

I know that not one moment with you will ever be a loss

your smile illuminates any worry, and sets me free

gosh, we're always laughing together. isn't it great to just be?

to exist in this world at the same time

listening to the wind and combing through our minds

worries were melted away with the many kisses you've placed upon my neck

you ignite excitement and wonder about what's coming next

with you, I feel comfortable to dive into my passions

you've shown me nothing but encouragement and compassion

thank you for the countless laughs, adventures and running your fingers through my hair

the happiness and inspiration you've brought me cannot compare

I see your past, and you see mine

all we have right now is time

to make the best of each moment and smile

because in life we can run feet or run miles

we never know what's around the next bend

so let's lose ourselves in this bliss, not let this end

for however long we do this dance, I just want to tell you

that I am so happy I stumbled into you. 

• xoxo •

Photo by: Sierra Katrina