Behind the lens.

I'm Rhiannon Skye and I am the girl with half her face blocked out by a camera quite often. I am an intimate wedding + elopement photographer based out of the sunny state of Florida. I am an avid little traveller and am very passionate about experiencing new things. When I'm not watching Friends or Gossip Girl for the 33rd time, I'm wandering around new places with a journal in one hand, a chai latte in the other and my trusty camera around my neck. I truly believe that exploring is one of the best ways to live life to the fullest and I am so blessed to have a job that allows me to do just that!

I choose to work with clients who are likeminded. I want a couple who is not afraid of a little adventure or getting their feet wet. I can guarantee, I'll get dirtier than you! I've thrown myself into the bushes, ran out into the ocean with a good pair of jeans on, and even laid in the dirt to get a good shot.

Fun facts:

  • I have a little calico kitty named Uma
  • I'm 5'1", I surprise a lot of people with the shortness
  • I describe myself as a "modern day hippie"
  • I'm a hardcore activist
  • Oat milk vanilla chai lattes are my weakness
  • I love roses and sunflowers together
  • I published a poetry book called Cloud Nine in September of 2019
  • I lived and traveled in a camper for a couple of years
  • I could eat french toast every day
  • Whenever asked what I wanna watch, I always say, "scary or funny" and it drives my boyfriend bananas
  • Hiking + camping are essential to my life
  • This year, I've chosen to pursue videography and take YouTube seriously in the hopes of meeting more content creators and reaching ideal clients/friends

I cannot forget mon amour, Tyler. I adore this man with allllll my heart because of SO many reasons including but not limited to:

  • He supports my dreams and goals more than I do sometimes
  • Even on days where I feel like I'm failing, he shows me I'm not
  • He inspires me daily with his own hard work
  • I swear, his eyes and smile can literally stop everything
  • His butt

 Having a strong support system is so important especially for me. I am overly positive and spunky yet deep and sensitive and luckily, he's always there, making me giggle or blush.

 You may occasionally see him in my photos even though he's not big into actually being in front of the camera. But, I told him he just had to deal with it since he had a photographer as a girlfriend! :D

 Anyway, thank you, Tyler for being my best friend and lover. You're the absolute bee's knees dude.

Also, my awesome friend, Sierra Katrina took all of the above photos for us!

My philosophy

I am also a published poet and I believe that my writing sets my work apart. I feel moments very deeply and I see the world through a "poetic lens."
I enjoy capturing the beauty of what it is to truly be human.