Hi, I'm Rhiannon Skye

Florida Based Wedding Photographer + Consultant

The art of eloping used to be viewed as "rebellious." But now, it has become something SO MUCH MORE. It has become exciting, bold, intimate and WILD. To me, it is bringing the love of your life on an adventure in the most magnificent of places: nature. It's exchanging vows while being surrounded by something just as beautiful as you and feeling as connected as possible.

My goal is to give you not just a session, but an experience. I want you two to walk away from our time together feeling so much love and gratitude for one another. I hope to give you photos and memories that will last forever and a day.

Get To Know Me A Little Bit

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I love the thought of exploring the places of the earth that has yet to be tamed by the hands of man. This is where "Untouched" came from. I was trying to think of a name that accurately described my love and dedication to the environment. And this just sounded so right to me.

For the longest time, I thought that being a park ranger or a tour guide would be my only option for working outdoors as much as I wanted to. Well, I was wrong.

I have always believed that nature has this incredible way of bringing you into a very positive and relaxed mental space. Everything becomes so calm; so clear. It has been proven that getting outside has a long list of benefits.

With this brand, I intend to give back to the environment in any way I can. I often pick up trash and I write a lot of poetry regarding environmental and animal conservation.

I love bringing clients outside and exploring the best backdrop you can find.

And, leave it how we found it: untouched.

Two Lovers + Nature = Yes

Literally, just, yes.



“We booked Rhiannon for our engagement shoot and wedding. Sadly my mother in law had a heart attack the morning of our wedding. After the ceremony, Rhiannon stopped what she was doing and edited a few photos of the ceremony and sent them to my mother in law in the hospital. She was thoughtful enough to know that a mother missed her sons wedding and did everything she could to help her share in our special day after all. We have the most beautiful photos of the best weekend of our lives, thanks to Rhiannon.”